State-owned coal enterprises and mines, under the management of the Ministry of energy and coal industry of Ukraine, at the end of 2018 showed a total net loss of $ 2.69 bn UAH, which is 16.5% lower than in 2017 (3,222 billion UAH).

In particular, ensure in 2018 production of 1 million 413,6 thousand tons of raw coal “lvovugol” received 457,057 million UAH of net loss (+3.1% by 2017) and 2 billion 791,995 million UAH of net income (+53,7%), “Mirrorball” coal mining 553,9 thousand tons received 348,051 million UAH of net loss (2.1 times) and 587,081 million in revenue (-2%), “Yuzhnodonbasskaya # 1” with the production 465,1 thousand tons of coal was a loss of 5,488 million (-30,7%) and 607,777 million UAH income (+1.7 times), “SelidovUgol” with the production of 396 thousand tons received decreased 464,202 million UAH of net loss (+17.1%) and 642,317 million UAH of income (-38,5%), “lisichanskugol” with a production of 290 thousand tons reported net loss 714,63 million (-11.2%) and 326,399 million UAH income (+1.6 times).

In addition, the “Shakhta im.Surga” provided last year with the coal mining 264 thousand tons was a loss of 1,975 million (-15,4%) and 458,427 million UAH income (+29.2 percent), “Truckpol” with the production 251,2 thousand tons received decreased 291,716 million (+5,9%) and 411,943 million UAH income (+18,5%), “Pervomayskugol” with the production increase to 202.3 per thousand tons received decreased 302,187 million UAH (-42,4%) and 362,603 million UAH income (+46,9%), “Mine “Hope” with the production 159,9 thousand tons was a loss of 7,483 million (net profit 0,558 million) and income 287,845 million (-4,4%), and “Volynugol” with the production of 98.8 thousand tons received decreased 97,745 million UAH (-33,2%) and income 167,81 million (+38.4 percent).

Reporting GP “Krasnolimanskaya” coal 44.9 thousand tons (-88,1% by 2017), the layers of which are under lease runs controlled by Vitaly Kropachev, OOO “Krasnolimanskaya”, on the website of the Ministry is not represented.

In this GP “Deregulated”, which acts as a trader, when purchasing coal from the mines and supplying its generation and katsoudas industry, at the end of 2018, received a net profit 0,373 million UAH (-88,9%) and net income of 5 billion 214,233 million (+3.3 percent).

As reported, the Ministry in the spring of 2016, is headed by Igor Nasalik, his Deputy and the curator of the coal industry is Anatoly Korzun.