Putin’s revenge is more important than investment in the economy.

The case of former state Duma Deputy and the owner of “Rolf” Sergei Petrov is developing in strict accordance with the instructions and thoughts of Vladimir Putin in an interview with the Financial Times the conversation is so complimentary to the President of Russia that he got mad at interviewers only once. The impression that it was a conversation with the leader of the Western media and Chinese Agency or TASS — with the difference that they still give the head of the Russian state “finish” without asking any stupid questions.

In this interview with Putin, in particular, announced the death of liberalism and at the same time that traitors, we do not forgive. Sergey Petrov — avowed liberal, despite his long-standing membership in the faction “Fair Russia”, hospice is for those who are not quite even, but not quite Communist. And, of course, is a traitor: he was a member of the establishment in times of relative herbivore Putinism has been well received in various political alcoves, knew all the ins and outs of power. Played on multiple boards.

Gradually his blitz tournament with the power flow on the Board on which to play the grandmaster, nourished (in all senses of the word) one of the parties in power (“Fair Russia”, of course, even in the best of times was no opposition and was born as a result of experiences in the Kremlin distillation apparatus) is strictly forbidden. Either you play in the Kremlin’s projects, either in the opposition. Either vote for the absurd and oppressive laws, as all normal members of the establishment, or helping beyond the control of civil society (Petrov and many people helped).

In 2015, the year Sergey Petrov has called the era, which began in 2012, a rematch of the security forces. His own capabilities as a figure paleoliticheskoi and the business was collapsing, not to mention the fact that the crisis provoked by the annexation of Crimea, one area in which he had a successful business, I felt well, really bad.

Petrov — the man is extremely intelligent and informed, and because he had gone abroad. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Therefore, the prosecution deliberately absurd and from the past, from the year 2014, when Deputy Petrov and the government finally dispersed. I think the head of “Rolf” was waiting for the moment when the Russian investigative Committee and FSB come to his office with some wild accusation from himself the money was stolen, for example. And this moment has arrived — reached the hands.

Again, it’s revenge, having a purely political nature. There are no business stories in this history there. Revenge of the sophisticated — with moral overtones: shake and arresting people who worked for Petrov. They are hostages. The fact of their prosecution needs to impose a heavy moral burden on the owner of the company.


Petrova held for her. He was one of the few human faces in the Duma, when it was allowed and even encouraged in some now hard-to-explain fashion purposes. Again, it is clear why the business exists in one faction or another — their heads are not hungry and treated each day for food in the Kremlin and on Old square. But Petrov was not just a stranger mentally, but he regularly betrayed the cause of Putin, speaking wrong, and directing the money is not where it should have.

And besides, just those who have been acceptable even a year or two, three ago, are now unacceptable. When they came to the Museum to David Yakobashvili, it became more than obvious. This is not the era of the frondeurs type Alfred Koch and Sergei Aleksashenko, announced that “smugglers” — now go through the list of “Forbes”.

Rightly said Putin in an interview with the Financial Times — we do not have any oligarchs. Who are not behind bars are fed directly power and try not to “Shine”. Or are the soldiers of Putin, albeit with a General money — characters like Chemezov, or Sechin, or the head of state Corporation “Chechnya unlimited” T. R. A. Kadyrov


Anyone in the current Russian government is not worried about the economy. In the sense of normal competitive market economy, where the key role is played by private businesses, not the cash cow of the state budget, national projects and “public-private partnership”, the concept is as absurd as in the days of perestroika “planned market economy”.

Business czars put bold cross on foreign direct investment into the country, which is confirmed by state statistics. The case of Sergey Petrov puts a fat cross on domestic private investment. An example of how the security forces and the secret services for political reasons and in accordance with policy guidance destroy a large and successful domestic business too impressive. And another reminder that to play in business schemes with the state — means to sign yourself a conviction of a court of General jurisdiction, which previously upheld by all subsequent higher authorities.

Vladimir Putin in the same interview with the British newspaper reported that concerns about the increase in VAT was in vain. All is well, even inflation is not much leapt. However, he omitted that this increase is not very much affected the budget revenues for the sake of what all and was started.

Losing weight and podnadzornoy FSB to lactating cows already that 18 percent VAT, which is 20 — if only in prison did not sit down. For any success in Russia is punishable: or take away business (with the subsequent deprivation of its effectiveness), or go to jail. So it is possible to remain without a cash base. And Minister Manturov do not have anything to rent expensive rooms in hotels and hooliganka Sechin, can’t fly to Sardinia, as to the country house.

But this is not important. The KGB honor more. Revenge is more important.

Andrey Kolesnikov newtimes.ru