In the official microblogging “Instagram”, the frontman of Rammstein’s till Lindemann has published a new short video which he captured a pilot of the aircraft, reports “Russian conversation”.

You know, he and his group were heading to a concert in Moscow, and the musician decided to show everyone that he knows how to manage such aircraft.

In control panel, you can see the speed at which the ship is flying, 673 km/h and the date – July 27, that is, it’s not “photoshop” and the musician was really flying the plane.

Recall that the Lindemann has long been credited with an affair with a Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda. The leader of the band Rammstein till Lindemann frankly told about what actually relationship it is associated with the artist.

The Internet is still rumored that the father of the second daughter Svetlana Tilde is exactly what it is. In an interview, till said that his true relations with Ukrainian artist – is a mystery that he can’t reveal to the public.

As previously reported, “Russian Dialogue”, the leader of Rammstein Lindemann broke the jaw of a fan girl. We also know that Svetlana Loboda decided to warm up the rumors about the affair with the leader of Rammstein Till Lindemann.