Lukashenko spoke about wearing masks

The Belarusian leader believes that in the villages people go too far with a measure of protection from coronavirus.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarusians use excessive measures personal protection against coronavirus. In particular, it resulted in confusion of the villagers, wearing masks. On Monday, April 13, according to the state Agency BelTA.

“Look, we have also tipped with these masks. Yesterday I ran in the Minsk region. The food itself was behind the wheel. People come out of the village on the field. And going people: one (the wind, the good weather is now dry) and a mask on his face,” – said Lukashenko at a meeting on Monday.

He stressed that the use of masks in the box doesn’t protect.

“Well, if you’re in a city where a huge number of people, dress, and walk an hour or two. And why between the villages is in the field in the mask. We have people overextended. What will protect the mask in the box?”, – continued the head of state.

Lukashenko also said that in the near future intends to visit the place of production of protective equipment.

“I’ll find the time to go where I see fit. And ask round there the day they work and sew the mask. Now the mask and stuff – boots, goggles, pads – are worth big money. Prices jumped,” said he.

Lukashenko noted that other countries offer Balarusi to buy their remedies at high prices, but the country itself in a position to produce these products.

Bath and vodka. As Lukashenka is struggling with the epidemic

Earlier, Lukashenko told how to protect against coronavirus. According to him, should get out more, exercise and eat butter.



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