President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko instructed the government to speed up negotiation with Russia of the programme of action for deepening integration, said Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Rumas.

“The President briefed members of the government held recently in St.-Petersburg negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to expedite work on the harmonization of the provisions of the updated programme of action” – said after meeting the head of state Rumas, who was quoted by the state Agency BelTA.

“All the initial deadlines that were set, must be adhered to. Literally right now the government starts practicing with his colleagues all had not yet agreed issues on deeper integration with the Russian Federation,” said Rumas.

He recalled that the parties needed to agree on several issues on the programme of action. “Once this work is completed, will begin the development of roadmaps for sectors. In November they plan to submit to heads of state,” confirmed the Prime Minister.

Moreover, Lukashenka ordered the foreign Ministry to intensify efforts to solve the visa issues with the European Union and Russia, said Rumas. “The head of state instructed the foreign Ministry to intensify efforts to solve the visa issues with the EU and the Russian Federation. In the near future the foreign Ministry will make proposals to the head of state”, – said the Prime Minister.

In addition, the event discussed the issue of the expansion of the zone for visa-free visit to Belarus of foreign citizens, he added.

As reported, the talks on July 18 in Saint Petersburg, the presidents of Russia and Belarus developed new initiatives to deepen integration between the two countries. “The presidents exchanged principle, introduced some new initiatives and requested the governments in the near future to fulfill them”, – said the Minister of economy Dmitry Krutoy, which the Belarusian side is headed by the bilateral working group on integration.

According to him, “by the beginning of December to mark the 20th anniversary of the Union state, mandated to develop a programme of deeper integration and a road map for its implementation”. “While the position of the parties agreed on 80%, but the remaining issues were of a fundamental nature”, – the Minister added.