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Lunar Eclipse 2018



Science news: This is the first Central lunar Eclipse since 2011. Tell how not to miss the blood moon on 27 July 2018

Friday, July 27, the Ukrainian citizens from different parts of the world can observe a unique phenomenon – the longest lunar Eclipse of the century. It will last nearly 4 hours, during this time, the Moon will pass through Earth’s shadow and will acquire a crimson hue, because of this, scientists have dubbed the coming Eclipse of the “blood”.

Eclipse of the moon can be observed from 22:30 on 27 July to 00:14 on July 28 , Kyiv time. Scientists also highlighted the fact that the appearance and hue of the satellite, which can vary from brick to blood-red, will depend on the location of the witnesses.

According to preliminary data, astronomers expect that a full Eclipse of the moon will last 1 hour and 43 minutes, while the partial – 3 hours 55 minutes . The longest Eclipse will be because the Moon will pass through the darkest region of the Earth shadow called the Umbra. Umbra it will give the companion a reddish sheen.

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Scientists also draw attention to the fact that a lunar Eclipse 2018 coincides with the apogee of the moon – the moment when the satellite reaches its farthest point relative to the planet. Therefore, the full Month will appear the smallest this year, and to pass the Earth’s shadow, it would need more time.

To watch the unique phenomenon of people from East Africa, Central and South Asia. In South America, West Africa and Europe, the Eclipse will begin at sunrise of the moon, East Asia and Australia during sunset.

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Only online to observe the Eclipse of the moon will be able to residents of North America, in Ukraine the best “blood” Moon will be visible in the Eastern regions, but the process will start not earlier than 22 hours.