Yuriy Lutsenko

Tue, 14 March 2017


Photo: ukrafoto.com

Law enforcement officers broke the law during the arrest of armed men on the railway station End of the Curve.

The General Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko declares that the detention of armed men at the train station Krivoi Torets of Donetsk region of any violations in the actions of law enforcement officers is not fixed.

“According to the information that I received from the law enforcement agencies of violations of law in the detention of people and seizure of their weapons that was in them, contrary to the position – hunting weapons can not be worn on the streets, and especially in the area of the ATO, where there is any weapon besides that is from troops, is prohibited. No violations by law enforcement officers are currently not recorded,” – said Yuri Lutsenko at a briefing on Tuesday in Kyiv .

However, according to the public Prosecutor, if he had been approached victims with medical reports about your injuries, contact journalists or to be provided any video evidence, it will, of course, was a criminal proceeding and will be tested the legality of the actions of the security forces.

As reported, on 13 March the police detained in settlements Tarack, Scherbynivka and Kurdiumivka (Donetsk region) over 40 people. As of Tuesday morning, March 14, all of them released.