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Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko said that he would like to discuss at yesterday’s meeting of the Council if he was invited to. Comments he presented on the page in Facebook.

So, Lutsenko said that at the meeting of the Council had to discuss the problems of deoligarchization, the Russian gas supply, illegal withdrawals of gas by private gas companies, an oil embargo, which Russia is conducting against Ukraine.

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“If deoligarchization to speak seriously – we must finally make the project of the state Budget the rent on extraction of coal and ore as well as there is the rent on extraction of gas,” – said Lutsenko.

He is convinced that it can become a source of social assistance to the miners.

Further, he noted that Russia has accumulated in the European storage large volumes of gas for winter consumption, the EU, and is planning a blockade of Ukrainian gas pipe. He believes that Ukraine has not enough of its own gas volumes to maintain the pressure in the transmission system. To import natural gas need an extra 3 billion cubic meters. under these conditions, it is urgent to reverse the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers on withdrawal of 90 % of the revenues of Naftogaz.

Illegal selection of gas by private gas companies made this year 5 billion By the end of the year, the volume of theft can be 10 billion cubic meters. It is obvious that we should not only hope for action from the NAB, but also to deprive the oligarchic finally these artificial feeders of the status of a supplier of gas to the population, said Lutsenko.

He believes that in the conditions of the declared Russian oil blockade of Ukraine should, because of the long-approved sanctions against Rosneft, finally to convey to the state management of the integral property complex Precarpathians.

We will remind, in Friday, may 31, President Zelensky held the first meeting of the Council in its new composition. The session was held without the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko.