KDK UAF adopted a decision on the two lists of football club Karpaty in the Ukrainian League matches.

The control and disciplinary Committee of the Ukrainian football Association (UAF KDK) considered the case at the request of the FDA regarding the absence of the Carpathians in the match of the 24th round and a 29th round against Mariupol.

By results of consideration, on the basis of article 9 of the Rules of the Premier League, was the decision to exclude the Carpathians in the competitions of the Premier League season 2019/2020 for repeated failure to attend a match without good reason.

Lviv club forfeited both matches against Mariupol, while the rival, respectively, the victory in these two matches.

In the matches of the Carpathians, which remained to play, Lviv will be counted as a technical loss (-:+), and the teams-rivals – a technical victory (+:-).

We will remind, the Carpathians reported that they have serious financial problems, which are not able to travel to Mariupol to two coaxial match.

According to the materials: