In the past French policy, which had won the presidential election, took to the stage to “La Marseillaise”.

However, the winner of the election – 2017 broke this tradition. Emmanuel macron appeared on stage with “Ode to joy”, reports “Russian conversation”.

It should be noted that this composition is used by the European Union as its anthem. Thus, the Makron again stressed his Pro-European views.

According to local media, French social media reacted negatively to the act of the leader of movement “Forward!”. Soon the macron together with the audience sang the national anthem of their homeland, but by the time the discontent of the citizens of France had spread on the Network.

After listening to the two anthems Emmanuel macron addressed his supporters with a solemn speech . On the Internet published pictures with his speech.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, Senator Alexei Pushkov sarcastically commented on the response of international politicians to win the election Rules in France.