Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

The Venezuelan leader believes that the President of Brazil intends to help the Americans in the attack

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced to his compatriots that the United States is preparing a war plan against the Bolivarian Republic. He stated this on Friday, March 6, during a meeting with governors and mayors in Caracas.

“They decided to create a plan to bring war and terrorism to destabilize Venezuela and fill it with violence, fuelling armed conflict and to justify military intervention in our country,” said Maduro, whose speech was broadcast on state television.

The Venezuelan President believes that to implement the plan, the U.S. plans together with Brazil.

“We request the democratic, humanistic circles, the people of Brazil and its armed forces to stop any adventure by the President of Brazil Jaira Bolsonaro, with the support of Donald trump, against Venezuela,” the statement quoted Maduro TASS.

Earlier, the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro declared an energy emergency and the establishment of a presidential Commission on restructuring of the oil industry.

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