MEXICO city, June 12. /Offset. TASS Ivan valueK/. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro sent his congratulations with the Day of Russia colleague Vladimir Putin and the Russian people. The text was published by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Venezuela.


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Maduro praised the efforts of the Russian President on “strengthening the social and economic development of Russia” and overcoming “unilateral blockades and sanctions” .

“In Venezuela we appreciate and support the huge political and diplomatic efforts undertaken by the Russian Federation in the construction multicentrico and multipolar world that respected the principles of international law as a key basis for guaranteeing international peace and security, Reaffirming the undisputed leadership of Russia in confronting the enormous challenges and threats hanging over humanity”, – stated in the document.

The leadership of the South American country also stressed that a priority of its international policy is the development of “strategic Russian-Venezuelan Alliance,” which began with “commander Hugo Chavez and President Vladimir Putin in 2001”.

Russia day is the national holiday of the country. Established by presidential decree of June 2, 1994. June 12, 1990 adopted the Declaration on state sovereignty of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic.