MOSCOW, August 22. /TASS/. Nothing will prevent the holding of presidential elections in Venezuela in 2018. This was stated on Tuesday the head of state Nicolas Maduro at a press conference for foreign journalists, which is broadcast in the country’s Embassy in Moscow.

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“In Venezuela to 2018 will be the election of the President even if the President of the United States Donald trump will come here in a suit marine, – he stressed. – These elections will not stop one, even if the General strike declared by the opposition. Although it (the strike) has not yet terminated, it is doomed to failure.”

Maduro recalled that in October elections of the governors of 23 States. “The winner is the one who supports the people, the President said. I hope that we will win in all States. I believe with all my heart that we can win, because all these States are dreaming about peace .”

“If the government in the state passed into the hands of the opposition, that there will be strikes and sabotage. We don’t want that,” said Maduro.