Maduro is in no hurry to plant, Guido, fearing outbreak of protests

The President of Venezuela decided to stall and not to plant the shabu declared by the head of state, Guido.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro took the fence on the background of the incident “chaotic and unsuccessful” rebellion in the result of dual power in the country, writes Bloomberg.

After the uprising became clear: the “autocratic leader Maduro”, clinging to power, decided not to put his rival, opposition leader Juan Guido, giving him the chance to unite the people and military to overthrow the regime, the Agency said.

Now Venezuela is back to the ambiguous status quo, where the armed forces support Maduro, and the administration of the President of the United States Donald trump is behind Juan Guido, who was recognized as interim President of the country more than 50 States.

However, if you continue full-scale uprising of supporters of Guide will not be – the chances that the authorities remain mode Maduro rise, noted in the article.

As noted by the American expert Jeff Ramsey, Maduro understands that the strategic interests it is more profitable to observe what is happening, if Guido will be planted – this will give impetus to the wave of protest.

As reported, on the eve of U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said in an interview with Fox News channel that Washington does not reject the possibility of a military solution to the crisis in Venezuela, however, prefers the option of a peaceful transfer of power in this country.

Pompeo previously said that President Maduro, faced with the protests of the opposition, was ready to leave the country, but Russia talked him out of it. Later, the Venezuelan foreign Ministry and the Russian foreign Ministry said that the words of the American diplomat is not true.


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