Chief of the General staff – chief of the Armed forces of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko proposes to replace the militarized guard (vokhr) involved, in particular, to the protection of arsenals, battalion security and support, which would entail an increase in the number of Armed forces of Ukraine, reports the Department of public relations of the armed forces.

“We are preparing proposals for the replacement of the guards battalions for the protection and security, which will include guard units, and lifting units and units of mechanization. It will definitely lead to an increase in the total number of Armed Forces. In this regard, we are preparing proposals to the law of Ukraine “On the strength of the APU,” – said Viktor Muzhenko on Tuesday at the National defense University of Ukraine named.Chernyakhovsky .

According to the chief of the General staff, of an incident that occurred over the past two years on military compounds and arsenals, have all the signs of sabotage and could be a consequence of the activities of enemy intelligence services.

“Extraordinary events in the arsenals, warehouses near Svatovo, Volnovakha, Balakleya, Mariupol, Kalinovka are nothing but the result of a special operation. Not being able to achieve its goals in Eastern Ukraine through military means, the enemy takes major efforts into our country. However, their priority task, obviously, is the destruction of those weapons, the production of which in Ukraine is not carried out and the procurement process is impossible”, – said Viktor Muzhenko.

He noted that in the face of continued Russian aggression such actions of the enemy are predictable, and within available resources, the APU took comprehensive measures to prevent them. “The state began to allocate funds for the equipment of places of storage of weapons and ammunition, and organization of protection of these objects. But the volume issues are significant, therefore, require not one year”, – said the commander of the armed forces.

“Inherited from the Soviet Union, Ukraine has received millions of tons of ammunition, some of which already unusable. The dispersal of the ammunition they require significant volumes of rail transport and modern means of mechanization,” – said Viktor Muzhenko.