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TASS-FILE. 18 may 2018 passenger Boeing-737 plane of Cuban airline Cubana de Aviacion crashed during takeoff from the international airport of Havana josé martí. According to preliminary media reports, the airliner was on a domestic flight CU972 on the route Havana – Holguin, on Board were 104 passengers. The Chairman of state Council and Council of Ministers of Cuba Miguel Diaz-Kanel ‘ stated that the crash probably resulted in “a large number” of victims.

Editorial from the guardian, the DOSSIER prepared a chronology of air disasters in 2018, which killed ten or more people. Since the beginning of the year recorded seven such cases of emergency (without regard to the occurrence, may 18).

11 Feb passenger plane An-148-100B (registration number RA-61704) of the Russian airline “Saratov airlines”, carrying out flight 6W 703 Domodedovo – Orsk, crashed near a village in Stepanovski Ramensky district, Moscow region . The accident occurred four minutes after departure. Killing all aboard – 65 passengers and six crew members. Specialists of the Interstate aviation Committee after decoding of flight recorders of crashed aircraft concluded that the crash could result in incorrect data on flight speed, which got the crew. Data corruption could occur due to icing of the sensors.

February 16, near the town of pinotepa Nacional (Oaxaca, Mexico) crashed a multi-purpose helicopter Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawk (no. 1071) of the Mexican air force. The aircraft, which were the interior Minister of the country Alfonso Navarrete Prideaux and the Governor of the state of Oaxaca Alejandro Murat, carried out the inspection flight in an area where earlier in the day, an earthquake of magnitude of 7.2. When landing, the helicopter collided with several cars, bringing on the ground, 14 people were killed and 15 people were injured. Onboard the helicopter there were no fatalities, the two pilots and the two passengers received minor injuries.

18 Feb passenger plane ATR 72-600 (registration number EP-ATS) Iranian airline Iran Aseman Airlines domestic flight EN route from Tehran to Yasuj, crashed in a mountainous area in the province of Isfahan in the Central part of the country. Killing all aboard 66 – 60 passengers and six crew members.

On March 6, when landing at the airport Hamim in Syria crashed transport plane An-26 of the Russian space forces. According to media reports, a car bearing the number 52 was part of the 33rd separate transport mixed aviation regiment (airfield Levashovo) 6th red banner Leningrad army of air force and air defense of the Western military district. The an-26 was carrying out flight on a route Kvayres airbase (Aleppo) – Hamim. According to the defense Ministry, the aircraft collided with the ground, it reached about 500 m to the runway. Killing 39 troops or six crew members and 33 passengers, among whom were major-General, 26 officers, warrant officers and enlisted men. Civilians on Board was not. According to preliminary information, the cause of the crash could be a technical fault. The defense Ministry clarified that “according to the report, the impact of fire on the plane was not”, and the weather conditions for landing “was simple”.

March 11 business-jet Bombardier Challenger 600 (registration number TC-TRB), owned by Turkish investment holding Basaran, EN route from Sharjah (UAE) to Istanbul, crashed in the South-West of Iran, in a mountainous region near the city of Shahre Cord. Onboard there were 11 persons – three crewmen and eight passengers, including 28-year-old daughter of the Chairman of the Board of Directors Basaran Mine Basaran. They all died.

12 Mar passenger plane Bombardier Dash 8 Q-400 (registration number S2-AGU) Bangladeshi airlines US-Bangla Airlines, flying from Dhaka to Kathmandu, crashed near destination – Nepal Tribhuvan international airport. On Board were 71 people – 67 passengers and four crew members. The victims were, according to various sources, 51 or 52.

APR 11, in Algeria crashed military transport aircraft Il-76. The aircraft flew from the airfield of the military base in Boufarik (50 km South from the capital of Algeria) in the village of Biskra in the South-West of the country. A few minutes after takeoff Il-76 crashed on the field and burned. The victims were 257 people with 247 passengers and ten crew members. Among the dead were about 30 members supported by Algeria-Polisario Front seeking the independence of Western Sahara, which Morocco considers its integral part.