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Ukraine news:On Honey spas, it is customary to go to Church with “Makovytsya” – a bouquet that you collect with your hands.

Each flower has a special meaning, so people believe that the flowers on Maccabeus bring their family health, well-being and take care of the prosperity of households. We will tell you how to put together a bouquet for Maccabeus and what flowers there you can add.

In the Church calendar for August, we set aside a holiday Honey spas or Maccabeus – so it is popularly called. Say the name of the holiday Makovey has occurred by overlaying the name Maccabee and the plant poppy, which Matures during this period of time. On this day Christians go to Church to pray, and bless the summer grasses, poppies and flowers. We’ll show you how to make a bouquet at Maccabeus with his hands .

Bouquet on Maccabeus: composition

To assemble the bouquet on Maccabeus with his hands is an important tradition of our ancestors, who believed that without him will not prosper the economy. Therefore, in the bouquets, which are called “makowecki”, collecting as many flowers that grow in our lands.

Now let’s talk about the bouquet for Macovei. All flowers must be grown and familiar to everyone since childhood. Do not add “makoveychuk” beautiful imported flowers that will supposedly adorn the composition is wrong. Let the colors will be less, but they all grew up in their native land. It is believed that in each bouquet on Maccabeus need to put a ripe poppy head.

What flowers can do “makowecki”:













Ripe poppy heads

What else can you add to the bouquet on Maccabeus

In different regions of Ukraine, people added their own elements in the “makowecki”, wanting to receive grace and to always collect a large harvest. Therefore, in the bouquets on Maccabeus can be different vegetables, legumes and herbs. For example, carrots, corn, beans, dill. Sometimes on Maccabeus bouquet add sunflowers and viburnum. And almost always, people tried to assemble in “makoveychuk” wildflowers.

Early people believed that each flower in the “maconachie” has a special meaning and effect on the person who came to sanctify the bouquet. For example, Bupleurum bring the family peace and well-being, and mint had to be protected from any adversity and to strengthen health. And on the question of what to do with a bunch of Maccabeus after the holiday to the present day remained one answer – after the consecration “makowecki” kept in the house until spring.