Maria Maksakova apologized to her first husband Vladimir Tyurin, whom she initially accused of the murder fugitive Deputy of the state Duma and his last wife Denis Boronenkov. It is reported by NTV, reports “Russian conversation”.

Recently she denied the version of Kiev, who accused Russian secret services “involvement” to the death of her husband.

Maksakova said that it “handled”. According to her, the investigator insisted on the alleged fault of Turin and inspired her with the idea in various ways. Now the widow calls this version of the arrogant and cynical.

Now Maksakova was surprised that she went crazy from thinking about what Tyurin supposedly could kill Boronenkov. She admitted she was forced to be silent half of the year due to the GPU a subscription about nondisclosure of secrecy of the investigation.

In addition, Maksakova appealed to the head of the RCDS Alexander Bastrykin asking him to believe all of what she said in an interview on the official statement.

As reported by the “Russian conversation” on the court Maksakova changed her story and made a statement that contradicts the words of Yuri Lutsenko.

We will remind, the singer wanted to sue a leading Dmitry Shepelev.