The participants of the Moscow marathon 2017

© Artyom Geodakyan/TASS

MOSCOW, September 24. /Offset. TASS albert Starodubtsev/. Igor Maximov and Elena Sedova became the winners of the race at 10 km, which took place in the Moscow marathon. About it the correspondent of TASS from the event.

Maksimov overcame the distance in 29 minutes 10 seconds, second place went to Iskander Yadgarov, third – Rinas Akhmadeev.

In the women’s race followed by the current champion of Russia on 10-kilometrovki Sedova (33,50) came to the finish Yekaterina Sokolenko and Galina Vinogradova.

Later will be the winners in men and women in the marathon.

The Moscow marathon is the biggest running event in Russia in 2017 will start more than 30 thousand people.

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