Recently, the famous TV host Elena Malysheva had aired on his program “Live healthy” where did she speculate on the topic “Where are the nerds”. Ksenia Sobchak was furious from the presenter, reports “Russian Dialogue” with reference to LigaNews.

It is known that in the Intro transfer was written, “My baby is an idiot”. “Idiot — it bytovuha”. Sobchak was horrified by these words to the sick children. Sobchak did not hesitate emotion, Malyshev called a “bitch”, and its broadcast was “tin”.

“What is tin… in Malyshev yourself at all?” – rhetorically asked the socialite.

It is reported that the Russians fully supported the Xenia. Aired yesterday, June 13, on “the First channel”.

The Association “Autism – Regions” has also had to respond to this broadcast. They expressed Malysheva his indignation and complaints.

“TV presenter offends people with mental disabilities. Words Malysheva are a humiliation and an act of verbal violence against Russian citizens with intellectual disabilities”, – said in the Association.

The Commissioner for children’s rights in Moscow Yevgeny Bunimovich also reacted to the controversial issue of Malysheva and demanded an apology from the presenter and “First channel” about sick children, which she called “morons.”

“I think the natural and normal it would be to apologize, and the host can find a decent words in this situation, and “the First channel” which is responsible for exiting the program”, – said Bunimovich.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation” for the first time Volochkova admitted, what the cause of her “enemy” relations with Sobchak. It is also known that Sobchak officially divorced and Vitorgan made a surprise announcement.