Famous Russian singer Stas Mikhailov, as it turned out, had a procedure called biohacking, so looks so young, reports “Russian conversation” with reference to “KP”.

Stas Mikhailov on the recent celebration of its 50th anniversary has roused the admiration of even his enemies. In his fairly advanced age, he looked postroeniem, oozing health and youth.

It turns out, the contractor started working with a physician who is engaged in preventive medicine and, following global trends of biohacking. Biohacking – control system for health, which is based on adjusted vital signs and is aimed at prolonging life and improving its quality. this includes intelligent and thoughtful food, well-chosen vitamins, exercise and other important things.

Thanks to such methods right now the favorite of millions of Russian women looks so good.

As a reminder, earlier the “Russian Dialogue” reported that Stas Mikhailov in honor of Victory Day put heartbreaking video of the realities of war.