Company “NPP “Temp-3000”, manufacturer supplied the Ministry of defense of Ukraine flak jackets, insists on quality and conformity of products to requirements of technical conditions.

“Body armor for the technical conditions of the enterprise are of the same composition ballistics since 2002… their Production is the same design that we make according to design documentation, which is an integral part of the technical conditions”, – said at a press conference, the founder of OOO “NPP “Temp-3000” Yuri Evtushenko.

In addition, according to Yevtushenko, the company on a free basis gave the defense technical conditions of its bulletproof vests to the Ministry could make changes to them.

“I understand that if changes from the customer is received, then the vests are probably fully satisfy the Ministry of defence,” he said.

With regard to the seizure by police officers of body armor from the warehouses of the Ministry of defense, Yevtushenko said that they had to leave for data warehouses and seal seal State Bureau of investigation, as the Ministry has met all the conditions of storage of means of protection, unlike RRT.

The head of the company, among other things, noted that more searches police not performed, except those which took place in June. And according to him, anybody suspicions not be charged. “The beginning of the full-scale discredit was launched in 2014. Now, for five years, as are the courts. During this time the company had 150 vessels of normal and four Supreme”, – stated the head of the company.

As reported, on 26 June, the Director of RRT Pipe reported that employees of the state Bureau and the state office of public Prosecutor of Ukraine conducted about 40 searches in places of residence of some officials of the Ministry of defense, employees of commercial structures and office facilities within investigation of criminal proceedings on purchase for needs of the Armed forces of Ukraine of property at inflated prices.

According to Pipes, the preliminary amount of losses incurred by Ministry of defence due to increase of prices is about 100 million UAH. In particular, we are talking about the purchase of 100 thousand sets of military uniforms at inflated prices and 20 thousand bulletproof vests, most of which does not correspond to the declared characteristics. “Three of the five bullet-proof vests sweep,” said Pipe.

On 17 July the Director of RRT novel Pipe said that in the framework of the investigation into the purchase of substandard bulletproof vests for the Ministry of defense suspicions not brought anyone, all body armor does not meet the requirements, withdrew a consequence. According to Pipe, with the purchase of this batch of body armor was not a complete check.