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Ukraine news: the national Council will not check for “UA: the First” and the STB for display of the map of Ukraine without the Crimea.

The national Council on television and radio have weighed all the facts and did not appoint inspection of the TV channels STB and “NTU” for showing the map of Ukraine without the Crimea.

This reports the press service of the regulator.

“The national Council at the meeting on 29 March had considered the question of appointing unscheduled inspections of the national broadcasters NOTE and STB and, after weighing all the arguments and explanations of the channels, took note recorded by monitoring the signs of violations of the law of Ukraine “On television and radio broadcasting” and is not appointed unscheduled inspections of broadcasters, as proposed by the draft decision”, – stated in the message .

In particular, according to the report, the results of monitoring broadcast March 16 was recorded live PJSC “national public broadcasting company of Ukraine” in the program “news” (in 18.11, the story of the worsening weather conditions) the posting of the map of Ukraine without the occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea. On the same day, the same indication of a violation recorded in the air of private JSC “international media centre – STB” in the program “the Bachelor” (at 21:43, the story of the tours of the cave “optimistic” in Ternopil region).

The Council took note of the fact that both the broadcaster immediately upon detection of this technical error (at the meeting, representatives of broadcasters described the details of the situation, how these errors arose) apologized to viewers on their sites and in ether.

Also in both companies resulted in disciplinary measures by the workers, through whose fault the error occurred. STB fired his designer, and the NOTE reprimanded 4 persons – designer, Director of broadcast, the editor and producer of news programs. In addition, the STB immediately removed the story from a technical error from Youtube and fixed bug when you retry the program.

According to the press service, among the members of the regulatory authority a discussion was held. Sergey Kostinsky insisted on appointment checks. He insisted on the fact that the nationwide broadcasters in General pay little attention to the issues of the war in the East of the country and the occupation of the Crimea. Therefore, in his opinion, it is a matter of principle and canals would be safe from such errors. A majority of the votes of the national Council took note of the violations and ordered the company to prevent them in the future.

Chairman of the National Council Yuriy Artemenko, summing up the discussion of this issue, I noticed that in the event of such a situation the second time the national Council accepts no arguments, and the company will receive sanctions under the current legislation.