This discovery
managed to make through the exercise of shooting space device Curiosity. Unfortunately a very big, finds the Taiwanese specialist
Scott Waring, has not found adequate response from supporters of the official science. About it
according to the publication Rossiiskii Dialog.

Before the Rover drove over the remains of extraterrestrial humanoid.

global conspiracy believe that the inhabitants of Planet X are not averse to enslave Mars because
huge reserves of methane and the presence of a large number of precious metals,
which attract to the planet meteorites. That is why the space body
is a tasty morsel like earthlings and aliens.

common was the hypothesis that, in space is a struggle
for the Solar system. About such intentions humanoids shows
attack by unknown drone on the Rover. Ufologists have reported that during the attack
alien education surrounded a research ship. Conspiracy theorists
I believe that it was the intelligence. Nibiru came out of the ambush, to assess the level
earth technology.

Earlier it was reported that the devastating wind almost demolished the Rover. Recall that the Rover photographed ancient lake on the red planet.