The skater intends to radically change my life after my divorce with Nikita Dzhigurda. Yet Anisina dyed her hair.

The divorce of Marina Anisina and Nikita Dzhigurda became known this autumn. The divorce was accompanied by loud scandal. Dzhigurda published a video featuring drunk wife. She participated in different TV shows, telling about the difficult life with the outrageous actor, according to “Russian conversation”.

Recently, the figure skater decided to radically change his life. She published a photo, which depicted in the image of the brunette. Apparently, the photo is old, but the hair Anisina still dyed. “A new life begins in a new suit,” admitted the star.

She also volunteered sharply against the ex-spouse. “Mercy Dzhigurda and enemies will not be”, – concluded the skater in the comments under the photo.

Fans approved the new image of the Marina . Many wondered at what stage is the divorce process, but Anisina no one answered.

Recall that Marina Anisina told how her children live after the divorce with Nikita Dzhigurda. Her son and daughter seriously fond of ice skating.