Andrey Sanin said that the Mariupol club is not going to be tolerant.

Vice President of Mariupol Andrey Sanin in comments Football NEWS commented on the situation with possible withdrawal of the Carpathians with the FDA.

“History repeats itself. First time as tragedy, second time as farce. Then there’s the first time there was a situation with mass disorder players of the Carpathians, our club went to meet colleagues at the max. We did not put any demands on the technical defeat.

We recently had a conference call of all clubs in the second six, we discussed the option plays with the Carpathians. When Asesin asked how we can help, I announced that our club understands the difficult situation, in the same way going forward. The upcoming match, which was supposed to be July 1, all costs of organizing, we were ready to take on. De facto, this would be our match, although de jure it should be a match for us away.

We were ready to support Karpaty in this situation, were willing to take expenses for the match in Mariupol. There is sort of supported.

And now we get information that the match will not take place. Got it retroactively, the management of the Carpathians towards not coming out. We are a little disappointed.

Then we will no longer be so tolerant. We will have a conversation about technical defeat. He did not come, will receive a technical defeat,” said Sanin.

Earlier, Carpathian announced that he would not go to the match with Mariupol due to lack of

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