Marius Laurinavičius
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Whether the intervention of the Kremlin in presidential elections in Lithuania?

About it spoke to Marius Laurinavicius, senior analyst at the Vilnius Institute of political analysis.

– Russia’s intervention in elections in the United States and other countries almost no one questions. Presidential elections in Lithuania, the exception? Russia not interested?

– In my opinion, the intervention of Russia in this scale, what was this in USA or even in France, even in the world will be no more. In the worst case I will repeat some elements, but no more. Why not? Because the world already know about this, for these activities draw attention. On the other hand, you need to understand that Russia’s intervention in the life and political processes of other countries begins not at election time, and does not end after the victory of a particular candidate.

Is there?

– Russia’s intervention is a long – term process that transformirovalsya in one or another form of influence. The establishment and strengthening of all sorts of social networks, companies or corporations that conduct any business with Russia. During the current presidential campaign, we had at least one candidate who seemed to have a written training manual of disinformation from the Kremlin. Another candidate, for example, expressed support for the AfD, the Pro-Russian party of Germany. To make it even more interesting, his wife, a Russian woman, is somehow involved in the Governor of Kaliningrad, which is known to be an important pillar of Vladimir Putin’s regime.

– Your opinion about Gitanas Nauseda and Ingrida Simonyte – politicians, who have advanced to the second round of the presidential elections of Lithuania?

And Gitanas Nausea, and Ingrida Simonyte, from the point of view of the Kremlin, are inconvenient for Russia’s political leaders. Which allows to claim that if Moscow was trying to influence Lithuania with influence on certain politicians, she lost. But on the other hand, as I have already mentioned, the process of influence from the Kremlin never ends, it continues. It is possible that the strategists in Moscow are already thinking about future elections.


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