Marius Laurinavičius
Photo: DELFI

Lithuania will continue to fight the NPP.

About it said Marius laurinavičius, a senior analyst at the Vilnius Institute of political analysis.

In Lithuania nearing the final presidential election. What do you think, what kind of position in the NPP is the new President of Lithuania? There are different views on this issue Ingrida Simonyte and Gitanas Nausea, which will compete for the presidency in the second round?

– I do not think that their views on the Ostrovets nuclear power plants differ. Will be the same consistent policy as now. Lithuania adheres to several important positions.

Position than for Lithuania would happen to this nuclear power plant was not, because it is not safe. And all the incidents that have occurred during the construction of the Belarusian NPP on this point. In cooperation with European partners, Lithuania is necessary to achieve greater security in this respect, and transparency from the Belarusian authorities.

Second position: do not buy electricity from the NPP. And this position is probably at the moment the most important.

Publicly, Lithuania will struggle to this nuclear power plant was not, but it is unrealistic to do at the moment.

– Considering that Poland and Lithuania have officially declared that they will not buy electricity from the NPP, what would you suggest to Lukashenka in this case?

– My advice, Mr. Lukashenko did not listen. A much larger effect on Lukashenko is Russia than Lithuania. Do not think that Ostrovets NPP – is the Belarusian project. This is a project of “Rosatom”. Lukashenko has made Belarus held hostage to this project. The NPP will only exacerbate the economic dependence of Belarus from Russia. Therefore, Lukashenka would be worth to think carefully before commissioning of the NPP. But it is my advice not heeded. Formally Belarus is an independent state, but in reality it is not.


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