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As the Kremlin affects European politicians?

In Lithuania, there was a scandal after it emerged that a member of Parliament Irina Rozova was involved in contacts with Russian diplomats involved in the collection of information in Lithuania. The situation for commented Marius laurinavičius, a senior analyst at the Vilnius Institute of political analysis.

– Could you tell me why it was a scandal with the Sejm Deputy Irina Pink?

– Rozova participated in a controversial session of the Interparliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy in Georgia, which subsequently led to numerous protests from residents of the country.

Shortly after it was revealed that half a year ago Irina Pink was denied renewal of permission for work with classified information, as it turned out that there are serious circumstances that preclude the issuance of such permit.

– What do you mean?

For example, a certificate from the Department of state security, which says a lot about the MS Irina Pink and the attempts of Russian intervention in the policy of Lithuania through her.

How Irina Rozova, one member of the diet, may affect the security of the country?

– We see ordinary for Russia the scheme – an attempt to influence these or those politicians. From the information that has been published about the Pink, it follows that the policies discussed with the Russian side not only his campaign, but other parts of the internal policy of Lithuania. Moreover, she was interested in the possibility of financing from Russia.

– What are the consequences of the scandal for the politician and for the security of the country?

– As far as I know, the Seimas will start a parliamentary investigation, which should identify all the aspects of Pink, the investigation could end with impeachment. As for the General context of the event – undoubtedly, this is a lesson for Lithuanian politicians. When there is talk about the influence of Russia, it seems that we like to happen may not. The Pink case has proven that it can!

This incident proves that Lithuania is bad system that would be activated in such cases and prevent such activities immediately.

A certificate from the Department of state security spent a year and a half. That is written in it knew some members of the parliamentary Committee for security and members of the government, and the final story came only today.

– Assume that politicians will continue to treat indulgently information from the relevant structures of Russia’s influence on Lithuania. Then what awaits Lithuania in the future?

– If we don’t pay attention or stop to pay attention to those things that warn people from the Department of state security, we his own hands widely to throw open the doors to Moscow’s influence. In fact – this means that the influence of Russia on events in Lithuania will increase, which ultimately could result in the fact that the Kremlin will be close to to subjugate our country.

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