FC Olimpik


FC Olimpik

FC Olimpik

The team will be strengthened with foreign players.

The President of Olympique de Marseille Vladyslav helzin said that his team can be enhanced by several Legionnaires.

– From day to day, waiting for the Nigerian. He has a problem with the visa. Also still fly one or two Brazilians. With the Nigerian will sign the contract, and the Brazilians will come to view.

Football. Today in Ukraine the transfer window closes

The Nigerian was going through? Where the information about him?

– Showed us his agent, he liked us. With good data is a footballer, plays the position of Central defender or a holding midfielder.

Brazilians what position you play?

Striker and an attacking midfielder.

Luis Enrique said that he will leave Barcelona

Is the wish of head coach Roman Sanzhar?

– Yes, of course .

Recall that today in Ukraine the transfer window closes and in the future clubs will be able to say only players who have the status of free agents.