Today, on March 5 it became known about the mass brawl in the Russian capital for the concert of the group “DDT”.

According to eyewitnesses, near the entrance to the capital stadium “Olympic” has gathered a lot of fans of the Russian team.

However, in connection with unorganized preparation of concert admirers “DDT” were forced to wait outside. In this regard, formed a crush, grew into a mass brawl.

As it turned out, several thousand fans were forced to wait outside the concert to begin.

Note that in the complex of the Russian group “DDT” will present a new program called “History of sound”, which included some new compositions of the band.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation” has left the life of a musician Rustem Asanbaev. He was a member of the group “DDT” from the very beginning of its establishment until 1983 .

We will remind, the legendary rock group “DDT” and its leader Yury Shevchuk congratulated his fans a happy New year, performing a new song in which he wished all peace and goodness.