Today, Thursday, in the capital of Georgia is a large-scale protest. About it reports “Georgia Online” reports, “Russian conversation”.

Protesters surrounded the Parliament building and started to throw plastic bottles at police. Soon some of them managed to break through the cordon and run into the building of the Parliament. Now militiamen try to stop the invasion. The interior Ministry urged the gathered people to stop the assault and to comply with the custody order.

As noted, the wave of protest raised local opposition because the Russian delegation. This day had to pass the inter-parliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy. The session was going to be the Deputy of the state Duma from the Communist party and head of the delegation of Russia Sergey Gavrilov. He sat in the armchair of the head of the Parliament, which was not liked by the opposition, and they disrupted the event.

Soon after, Gavrilova were attacked by local radicals. The Russian MP said that they poured water on him and tried to take the documents. Law enforcement officers brought the Russian delegation from the hotel, and then the Russians left Georgia.