Head of the NGO “Venezuelan penal forum” Alfredo Romero said that the number of deaths during the protests in Venezuela has risen to 69 people.

The latest official data announced by the Prosecutor General Luisa and I Ortega Diaz, testified about fifty-five of the victims, reports “Russian conversation”.

Local media reported about sixty dead citizens.

According to Romero, forty-nine people were killed and others died in various incidents, accidents and robberies.

It should be noted that from the beginning of April in Venezuela, held mass protests after the Supreme court decision on the limitation of the powers of the National Assembly. Although the decision was soon abolished, opposition supporters took to the streets, demanding early elections and the dissolution of the court.

Earlier it was reported that Maduro began the changes to the Constitution amid bloody protests in the country .

It was also noted that in Venezuela the protesters burned the house of Hugo Chavez.