The Russian side proposed a plan to create on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic areas of stress reduction to strengthen the cease-fire raises many questions among the U.S. defense Department.

On Monday, may 8, reports Associated Press referring to words of the Minister of defense of the United States James Mattis, reports “Russian conversation”.

In particular, the Pentagon noted that clear boundaries of security zones at the moment finalized. In addition, in Washington are wondering how the creation of Islands of reducing tension will affect the struggle led by the coalition States against terrorists “Islamic state” (organization banned in Russia – ed.).

Americans are also interested in who will provide security zones created, who exactly will keep outside .

According to Melisa, all these questions are now under consideration, and the Pentagon is closely watching the process to understand whether this plan is effective.

Earlier, the White house, commenting on the formation of security zones in Syria, said that the main goal of Donald trump is the world in SAR, so to achieve it is to consider the various options.