Tonya Matvienko has published Topless photos with Arsen Mirzoyan.

About it reports “Russian conversation”.

Famous Ukrainian singer Tonya Matvienko, the daughter of Nina
Mitrofanovna, and Ukrainian singer Arsen Mirzoyan gave myself
romantic holidays in Turkey.

As you know, now the pair is in Antalya, where they celebrated the day
birth Arsene, who turned 39 years old. In honor of this significant date Tonya
put up a picture where they kiss. With the holiday singer
published in your social network “Instagram”,
adding the description under the photo that even though they disappeared for a while, but still happy
the congratulations and attention. Photo in minutes got a
the number of comments and likes.

Later Matvienko-younger did not hesitate to pay more than Frank
a photograph of the couple posing Topless, covering all the intimate
parts of the body .

Remember that Tonya and
Arsen live in a civil marriage and have a daughter Nina Matvienko (named
after my grandmother).