Maxim Fadeev defended the dancer Evgeniya Smirnova, Renata Litvinova which insulted in the show “Minute of fame”.

Recently in the casting show “Minute of fame” was a scandal. The judge program, Renata Litvinova, invited the dancer with a disability Evgeny Smirnov to “fasten” a second leg to his injury wasn’t so noticeable. She also named the dancer “the amputee”. This event stirred the social network: a harshly criticized Litvinov a faux pas, according to “Russian conversation”.

Maxim Fadeev stood up for Smirnov. As you know, the dancer starred in the video for the song and Fadeev, Nargiz Zakirova “Together”. The producer said that if a leading American show called the party “the amputee”, he would have had to answer for his words before the court.

He is also confident that every person with disabilities can be a productive member of society and to participate equally in these projects . Therefore, the sharp observations of the jury were inappropriate.

“Summarizing your text, I want to say that it is better to be a physical disability than a disabled person spiritual,” concluded the producer.

Earlier, Maxim Fadeev defended the eight-year-old girl Wiki Starikova, which criticized the jury “minutes of glory” for being too “adult” songs of Zemfira.