In a microblog showman, has a new heartwarming video with his three year old daughter Elizabeth.

Touches a video like subscribers Galkin. In just two days from the date of publication of the video has collected more than 300 thousand views, according to “Russian conversation”.

The video was captured by a daughter Pugacheva and Galkin Lisa, who just walked outside the house along with his father. The girl found a flower, which was a ladybug. Lisa assured his father that will bring the flower home to show mom, but the insect flew away, which upset the child.

Showman barely managed to calm his daughter, who was unable to hold back the tears. “The whole Saga was that French ladybug. Check it out,” addressed to the members of the comedian.

Users touching video very much. They asked the showman often put videos of their children. “Funny, no words…what a voice”, “I just love Lisa . Rare child”, “so cute” – said the participants of the discussion.

Earlier, Maxim Galkin has published a selfie with his wife Alla Pugacheva. It is noticeable that the singer much prettier.