The talents of the young participants of the show-project “Voice. Children”
no doubt, and with their votes they win the hearts of music lovers
from Russia and around the world. As it became known on may 3, these conquered hearts became
more than two million, and it is only the song “Blue eternity”,
they have performed at “the Fights” on April 5. Ivan Starikov, Maxim Yerzhan and Islam
Ballew sang fascinating, turning to the sea and asking him
sorry. Unique indicator of audience recognition told the group
“Voice. Children” in Facebook,
reports “Russian conversation”.

Ivan Starikov, Yerzhan Maxim and Islam Balkoev. “Blue eternity” – Fights… via @YouTube

— Nur Iman (@nis_in) 7 APR 2019

Recall that after the speech the three talents, leading
competition Dmitry Nagiyev offered to judges not to feel discomfort and to get
for more convenient, alluding to the discouraging impression, which arrived all
the Studio after the performance.

“Well, you at us and yelled,” admitted the star
“teacher”, while Konstantin Meladze decided.

The Coach Of “The Voice. Children” chose Maxim Yerzhan.

Earlier it became known about the hospitalization of the chief editor of the children’s
“The Voice” Alexander Podyapolsky.

The constant worrying in connection with scandals on the show brought
him about his condition told wife.