Trinity Church zhivonachalnoj in Ostankino during snowfall

© Artyom Geodakyan/TASS

MOSCOW, June 4. /TASS/. Ended may in Moscow was the coldest in the XXI century. This was reported in the Hydrometeorological center of the Russian Federation.

“In Moscow may was the coldest in the XXI century, its temperature (10.9 ° C) below normal by 2.2 degrees,” – said the representative of the weather service. Precipitation in may fell to 84 mm or 164% of the monthly norm. In General, the spring in Moscow at the temperature close to normal due to the warm March, a little exceeds it.

Rainfall in spring 2017 in Moscow the wettest, all three spring months brought excess precipitation. In the whole of Russia the average temperature in this period was on the top line the highest values. The championship, she shares with in the spring of 2014 .

The extremely warm March this year has changed in the European territory on a cool April, and then on a cold may, while in the Urals the whole spring was very warm, the average temperature anomaly for the spring season reached here is 4-6 degrees.

In the North the Far East last spring – the warmest in the meteorological annals of the region and in the South and in Siberia it is among the top three warmest.

Abnormally warm was last spring in North China, the middle East, West Europe and Northwest Africa and in southwest USA and Northern Mexico. Here, the anomalies of mean seasonal temperature exceeded the norm by 2 degrees or more. The average temperature of the Northern hemisphere in the spring of 2017, second only to the same value last year.