Photo: Marcel Thomas/ZUMAPRESS/ Global Look Press

Why is this fight so important?

This is the first ever fight, which will bring together the representatives of different martial arts, the strongest in their types. For this fight the Mayweather that even in 2015, retired, has agreed to step into the ring — a fairly convincing proof of the importance of the match, as all previous proposals, including from Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather rejected. To fight with McGregor, he agreed, not only because this fight will bring him a substantial fee, but also because, in his words, wants to prove his superiority. McGregor is confident that mixtite it has no competition and now you can compete against a boxer, which is considered one of the best in history.

Most likely, the fight will remain one of a kind — the leaders of the world Boxing organizations and the heads of the leading leagues misfit repeatedly said that they did not plan to repeat the experiment . So the fight between Mayweather and McGregor may well remain a unique opportunity to find out who is stronger, mixed martial arts fighters or boxers. Besides, this fight will probably be the only one in which you will see champion misfit fighting under Boxing rules.

The match promises to attract the largest audience in the history mixtite and Boxing. The exact numbers can be called only after fight night, but it is known that the broadcasting rights bought almost all countries of the world.