Photo: Getty Images the White house

A letter was sent to the White house staff.

The office of legal counsel advised the White house assistant to the President of the United States Donald trump to save the materials that can be associated with a possible attempt by Russia to influence American elections in November 2016, reports the Associated Press.

Three representatives of the administration of the American President on the condition of anonymity confirmed to the Agency that a letter was sent to the White house staff.

Last week the leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Chuck Schumer said that the upper house of the U.S. Congress there is concern that some staff in the presidential administration may attempt to hide their ties with Russia by removing emails, texts and other records.

The Democrats appealed to the White house and U.S . law enforcement authorities with a request to keep materials on possible contacts between administration officials trump, members of his campaign staff or persons acting on its behalf with the representatives of the Russian government.

With the similar request to the White house addressed the Senate special Committee on intelligence.

Earlier it was reported that us intelligence has accused Russia of sanctioning hacker attacks, which were aimed at the presidential election in the United States.

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