CAIRO, July 15. /TASS/. The offender who attacked foreign tourists in Hurghada, arrived in the city in search of work. This was reported by the newspaper Al Ahram.

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According to him, attacked foreigners in the hotel complex – a native of the village of El-Monsa El-Kubra in the Egyptian province of Kafr El-Sheikh. His name is Abderrahmane, it is incomplete for 28 years, he has a bachelor’s degree in the field of trade.

Some time ago he went to Saudi Arabia, where he worked at a local company. However, in the Kingdom of Abderrahmane spent only about seven months, as the firm with which he worked, closed. After that, he returned to El Muncha El-Kubra, where he could not find work. As told by the neighbors, on Thursday, the day before the crime, he went to Hurghada to get the city’s specialty .

In the local police station confirmed that Abderrahmane never start any Affairs. The assurance of the villagers, he belonged to neither the political nor extremist organizations. Now his family members who remained in the village, has flatly refused to communicate with journalists, and the neighbors did not admit to the house no outsiders.

On the eve of the attack on foreign tourists in one of the hotels of Hurghada killed two citizens of Germany, injuring two residents of Armenia, a citizen of the Czech Republic and Russia.

On Saturday, suspected of crimes were transferred from the city Prosecutor’s office structures of the Higher state security prosecution in the country and deported to Cairo. The investigation continues in the Egyptian capital.