MINSK, 6 may. /TASS/. Belarusian reenactors historical and cultural complex “Stalin Line” recreate the armored train during the great Patriotic war. This was told the Belarusian newspaper “Respublika”.


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For the creation of the train a month ago, took Alexander mikalutski’s assassination and Vladimir Yakushev with his sons Alex and Maxim, who are well versed in the art and for 20 years find, get out of the swamps, rivers and lakes the equipment of the war years and restore it. Belarusian Railways (BDZ) to help the reenactors provided a platform, padded rails, was taken from under the train Brest 1942 issue .

In addition, the complex “Stalin Line” together with the Belarusian Railways, the Ministry of defence and “Belavtodor” built the railroad with a length of 270 metres with the current arrow the transfer of tracks to a new historical exposition, which will be brunettino and armored train consisting of a locomotive and four bronevagony. In the future it is planned the construction of a railway bridge across the pond and construction of a passenger station prewar time.

“Who is doing the welding works, and do everything the way it looked when released these trains, everything is actually difficult. The hardest work on small elements, – said Alexander mikalutski’s assassination. – Tower for the trains set up, they are in the hangar, install them towards the end of the work.” He said that these towers full copy of the template for the tower T-34 in 1941-1942, they will not only rotate, but also to shoot oxy-fuel mixture.

Also will have guns “Maxim”, two anti-aircraft guns, improvised rocket launchers of the type “Katyusha”. In addition to buenaposada will gaswagon, kitchen and more. It is planned that the first train was the “Stalin Line” will show July 3 – the Day of liberation of Minsk from Nazi invaders.

How it all began

Through the hands of restorers was about 30 units. They include the hulls of the Il-2, was found in a swamp, armored flotilla, BK-205, which reach from the ground, where it was at a depth of 4 m, and is found in the garden Grabin gun – ZIS-3.

“The first tank we picked up and restored in 1998 – it was a Soviet light wheel-track tank BT-7, it was found in a swamp near the village Shibuki [Orsha district] in the 70-ies of the last century, but to raise the car was only two decades later – said Vladimir Yakushev. Up it took two months, but when rose gasped: the bog preserved the tank is in very good condition – all easily loosened, even paint native preserved”.

Thoroughness in the work gives off – tanks set up at the “Stalin Line”, can be seen in the films “Pop”, “Zastava Zhilina”, “Dneprovskiy Rubezh”, “Dog Red”, etc. By order of the Belarusian company Wargaming was collected machine MS-1 or T-18. Tank T-34-76 the work of restorers is in the Museum of the great Patriotic war history in Minsk, another – on a pedestal at the entrance to the “Stalin Line”.

Historical and cultural complex “Stalin Line” was opened in the town of Zaslavl of Minsk region. It was here that the Nazi tank Armada, moving to Moscow, for the first time faced with the resistance fighters of the Minsk fortified area. On the area of almost 40 hectares restored space battles: equipped artillery battery, machine-gun bunkers, command and observation post, recreated the front-line crossing. Only here collected about 200 samples of military equipment, many of them unique.