Representatives of the world’s mass media, who visited Pyongyang during the parade, which was timed to the 105th anniversary of the former leader of North Korea Kim Il sung. What he saw surprised the journalists and they have come to unexpected conclusions.

According to “Russian conversation” with reference to “ABC”, a special attention of the media was drawn to one of the samples of armored vehicles with installed on it missile system.

Special attention to representatives of world mass-media drew suspiciously “turned-up” nose one of the newest rockets.

“It is likely that imprinted on the photo of the warhead is made of wood or painted cardboard” – said the representatives of TV channel on your page .

The representatives of the media suggest that is exactly what North Korean authorities are afraid of the armed forces of other countries by the beginning of the military conflict .

A number of experts are convinced that the reason is that the head of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN just doesn’t want to risk showing the real warheads to the masses.

Among the versions also fear of provocations, and also unwillingness Jong-UN to spend money on transport of weapons. However, military experts warn against hasty conclusions and a call to stop underestimating the military power of the DPRK.

Note, “Russian conversation” earlier wrote that during a parade in Pyongyang, held April 16 to Western journalists showed the latest missiles and other military equipment to the DPRK.