In China, fear of a strike on North Korea

The Chinese Embassy in the DPRK has warned of the danger.

Chinese Embassy in North Korea has urged its citizens to leave the country. Such a signal was given because of fears that the military provocations, North Korea will be able to provoke a US attack on the state. This was reported by radio Free Asia, citing a source.

The message of the Embassy appeared April 20. Some Chinese who came to the DPRK on business, left out ahead

The unnamed informant said that visits China every two to three months. But this time he had to leave North Korea before, and the Embassy asked him to stay in China for a longer period.

“The Embassy never gave such instructions. I got worried and left the country in haste”

However, the majority of people in North Korea ignored the warning. Overall, according to the source, Pyongyang, peaceful atmosphere, despite the global crisis .

Free Asia also reported that the Embassy testifies to the concern of China, and “saber rattling” of North Korea and the United States destabilizie the regime of Kim Jong UN that could affect Chinese citizens overseas.

We will remind, earlier in a Network showed US missiles in South Korea.

China wants to curtail the US missile defense in South Korea