A ship belonging to the DPRK, presumably, captured the Russian’s yacht in the sea of Japan. This information was reported by the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry in Vladivostok.

As noted in the Department, this information is what can neither confirm nor deny. Currently being tested sent a request to the Consulate of the Russian Federation in the DPRK, reports “Russian conversation” with reference to “Interfax”. In the DPRK the information about the capture of the ship have not yet commented and prefer to remain silent.

Note that on 15 June it was reported about detention in the northwestern part of the Japan sea yacht Katalexa. The arrest was made on the ship of the DPRK. The information is checked.

According to updated information, on the captured ship could be 3 of the citizen of the Russian Federation. A boat was sent from Taiwan to Vladivostok, she recently sailed from the port city Pohang (South Korea), which went on my way.

The source also revealed some details about the condition of the vessel. According to him, the yacht had recently undergone major repairs and was in excellent condition. He also told that the relatives of the sailors tried to get in touch with them after receiving information about the seizure, but they did not respond.