A man with a backpack climbed over the fence of the presidential residence, remained on its territory about 17 minutes before he was detained by agents of the Special services.

As it turned out, the detainee’s name is Jonathan Trend. Undetected more than ten minutes, the 26-year-old young man had time to look into the Windows of the White house and touch the door handles. On it informs TV channel CNN, RIA Novosti, “Russian conversation”.

First, the Trend over the fence of the building of the Ministry of Finance, which is located next to the presidential residence, hitting the alarm. One of the guards went to check the signal coming from the sensor of the security system, and did not notice a stranger. Then the young man climbed over the fence of the presidential residence near the security booth, in which was no one.

Congressman Jason Chaffetz said channel that the Trend at first hid behind a pillar, and then peeked in the window and pulled the door handle. The politician pointed to the fact that the incident occurred after invested billions of dollars in security systems and security staff.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, the incident occurred in the night from 10 to 11 March. Because of the invasion of the Trend in the White house was declared “orange” alert level. Law enforcement officers found nothing suspicious in the backpack of a young man. At the time of the incident, Donald trump was in the presidential building.

Agents of Special services time to do the 45th American President, when one of their employees in new York city was stolen the laptop, which kept detailed planning “of trump Tower”, as well as correspondence billionaire Republican with Hillary Clinton.