Sailboat “Kruzenshtern”

© Sergey Skates/TASS

HELSINKI, August 28. /TASS/. The General headquarters of the Finnish defence forces have not allowed the Russian sailing ship “Kruzenshtern” visit åland – autonomy within the Republic at the end of September. This was announced on Monday, the newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet.

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According to the publication, “Kruzenshtern”, the 164-cadet on Board had planned to go in the port of Mariehamn in åland, with the status of demilitarized territory, 18-20 September. To visit the Finnish territory by a foreign vessel need permission, and, according to the newspaper, the General staff decided not to give. Defence does not comment on the decision .

In July, the “Kruzenshtern” has visited the ports of the Finnish cities of Turku and Kotka during Europe’s largest sailing regatta Tall Ships Races. Then it was visited by the delegation from åland. On the Islands, said the newspaper hoped that the entry of a large sailing ship in their port will increase their chances in 2021 be hosting the Tall Ships Races.

According to the publication, the Finnish authorities may be unhappy with the fact that Finnish warships are not allowed to enter the port demilitarized Islands, whereas foreign training ship with it there were no difficulties. To obtain review of the defense forces, TASS has not yet succeeded.