Media Group Ukraine (Kiev) in December 2019 launches news channel “Ukraine 24,” according to a media portal SCM.

“In December of 2019 the TV channel “Ukraine 24″ will begin its round-the-clock broadcasting on the whole territory of Ukraine, in cable operators ‘networks, to satellite platform Xtra TV and OTT platform”, – stated in the message.

At the same time, as specified, the software policy and broadcasting of TV channel “Ukraine 24” are currently in the detailed design.

LLC “Media Group Ukraine” unites the national terrestrial TV channel “Ukraine”, entertainment youth channel “NLO TV”; the thematic channel “Indigo TV”; thematic channels futbol 1/futbol 2; regional TV channel “Donbass”, “34 channel”, “Sigma”, and the operator of satellite TV Xtra TV, international channels Ukraine 1/ Ukriane 2, TV 1 NLO/ NLO TV 2; production company “Tele Pro”, “dopomozhemo TV”; media Agency full cycle “Media Partnership Baing”; multimedia platform “Today” – TV news “Today” and the website; cross-platform project Vogue UA.

The owner of the company is the group “System capital Management” Rinat Akhmetov.