Photo: Republicans and Democrats in Congress reached an agreement on the U.S. budget

The US Federal budget for the current fiscal year will amount to more than a trillion dollars.

In the U.S. Congress have reached agreement on the Federal budget for the current fiscal year (until September 30) at a rate of 1.07 trillion dollars, Fox News reports.

According to Politico, the deal includes a number of compromises, in particular, will be allocated an additional $ 1.5 billion on security of the border, but the budget does not contain separate lines for financing the construction of the border wall, which promised to build a President Donald trump.

Among other compromises, the publication mentions two billion new funding for the National institutes of health.

Recall that currently the United States live in the interim budget, which was adopted on 28 April and will end on 5 may .

Earlier it was reported that trump is planning the largest increase in the military budget since Ronald Reagan’s presidency.

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